330 W 95th St
New York, NY 10025

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We stayed at this hotel for 3 nights, the situation was very bad. We were bitted by bedbugs for three nights. We felt itching at the second morning and found the three bedbugs at bed, and then we reported the front desk and asked to clean the room. When we come back at that night, we saw the blanket and others all had been changed, we thought it will be safe. But, the next morning, we fund bedbugs again!
I think the basic level of health is very bad, and the hotel should be closed. Unbelievable

New York!

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We are an Italian couple of tourists. We just stayed for 15 days, with all the best intentions, at the so named "Widget hostel" or "Continental hotel" (we couldn't understand which one was the real name, and which one was the -likely- illegal one). Now we're back in Italy (we stayed there from 10th to 25th of April) and I feel many itches on my skin, even after manu showers.
I booked a visit to my dermatologist, 'cause the symptoms aren't good.
By the way, the hotel's health conditions are EXT

REMELY POOR, and - believe me! - I even saw a rat in one the guest kitchens!!
If you know a way to report this to the health authorities, plese do it. Maybe they do an inspection and force the hotel to use more accuracy in cleaning. Maybe the forthcoming guests will be more fortunate.
I don't know how this works in the U.S. or I will do it myself. Thank you.

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