235 W 109th St
New York, NY 10025

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I called the exterminator again since I still spotted a couple of bedbugs. Since the second visit, I haven't seen any more bed bugs. I might be ready to get a new mattress.

This is me again, the same poster from last time. So far, I am waiting for an exterminator to come. I had to throw out both of my brand new mattresses and I might have to get rid of my couch. I was told to put all my clothes in bags, and wash them, then dry it at the hottest temperature. I\'m sleeping on an air mattress I have. I\'ll keep you guys updated.

Well, for about a month I've been seeing weird creatures, which I eventually started researching them online and found out they were bed bugs. I had bed bugs bite. I took time in taking one and studying it. Bed bugs are most definetely what they are. I am a teenager and my mother insists in taking care of this situation ourselves. I sprayed my second bottle of bed-bug spray, If I still find them, I will report them to the Pinnacle office at 105th & Columbus Ave.

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