235 W 102nd St
New York, NY 10025

Found 3 reports:

I was about to move into this building when the owner of the apartment said they found bed bugs and were being bitten. They had several treatments and said that the problem was still there. I ended up breaking the lease to avoid the head-ache. This apartment was directly above the laundry room, which concerned me as well.

The super told me there are two apartments infested on the second floor and one on the 16th floor. A friend of mine has a very bad case. She visited me three weeks ago before she knew and the day after she visited, I got bit. We caught a bug 2 days later and after that no bites. Then suddenly two nights ago, I started getting bit again. I am frantic!

Neighbor told me she saw bedbugs in laundry room.

No nearby bug reports