70 W 93rd St
New York, NY 10025-7601

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Woke up last Tuesday to a bug in my bed. Proceeded to find several others on the wall near the radiator. Called mgmt and they said there have never been bedbugs in the building. Liars! I had my bed and all of my linens and bedroom rug thrown out. Mgmt had exterminator come to confirm bb's and came back a few days later to exterminate. They come back again in two weeks. I have already spent about $1000 in dry cleaning, bags and plastic containers and paying the super to remove my bed. On the day

the exterminator came I found or my neighbor has them also. It is so nasty. The mgmt will not respond to me in writing. I send an email and they call me - and won't answer the questions I asked. Stellar Mgmt owns the building.

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June 2010. Have bed bugs and know of at least two other apartments that have them as well (at the same time). Management tending to the problem. Exterminators told us we are "definitely not alone". Fingers crossed they are effective.

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