312 W 93rd St
New York, NY 10025-7214

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I have lived here for 2 years, and I have experienced bed bugs in the summer as well as the winter. I tried to spray and exterminate, but they always returned. I will be moving very soon because the problem at this whole building clearly has a problem.

Back in 2005 the infestation of bedbugs was so big. I will wake up cover up of them while their were still feeding. My furniture got damage, no pet control could help, after so many complaints.

The building owner didn't seem to care but only collect the rent.

we have had multiple exterminators come. They come back every month and we have been told that it is impossible to get rid of them due to the fact that they are in the walls and travel in the electrical wires between apartments. This building needs to be totally eradicated!

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Residential building with bed bug infestations over the last few years.

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