306 W 93rd St
New York, NY 10025-7214

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Bed Bugs, in three apartments directly on top of each other. Could be more apartments infested. Management not helpful at all in dealing with the problem. Very very frustrating. Hope they do not spread anymore! This is a huge problem!

Bed bugs found in building. Landlord not notifying tenants. Shared laundry facilities with 308 west 93rd. Management not handling problem in a timely and competent way and is placing all tenants at risk by failing to post notices throughout including laundry room.

Bed bugs on first floor of the building. Landlord slow to act and doing the one apartment at a time approach which encourages the spread. No other apartments were checked, and neighboring units simply have to take the wait and see approach. The building is actually three buildings in one that are all connected with separate addresses, #306, 308, 310 should all be seen as one unit. The landlord knows this, but only notified units in #306. We share the basement and laundry facilities with the othe

r adjoining "buildings" and thus, they too need to know about the infestation. This is a rent stabilized building and rents are good, but really, I am beginning to wonder if I should give up my spot soon!

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