255 W 94th St
New York, NY 10025-6945

Found 3 reports:

Going into week 7 and the situation has not been resolved. The landlord continues to adamantly maintain that they are utilizing their "aggressive long-standing protocol"...but all they are doing is exterminating over and over.

They are not assisting an elderly neighbor in vacuuming. They have not replaced carpeting. They have not used heat or freezing techniques. They have not even caulked.

In fact, when I suggested that I would do any of these things myself to expedite the process, I

was told that if I did, this would IMPEDE the process and all efforts on their part would be hindered and would cease.

This is nothing less than an abusive situation, in order to turn over a low-income apartment to market again. Seven weeks, four exterminations, THREE APARTMENTS INFESTED on the 15th floor.

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It's been almost 3 weeks. The landlord has now detected THREE units with bedbugs and has exterminated my apartment THREE times, but the bedbugs continue to return.

This is despite the fact that I am not sleeping on the bed, they are not in sheets but in encasements (which do not work) and, that every fabric and paper item in my apartment is wrapped in garbage bags.

The name of the extermination company is "Assured Environments" but they are OBVIOUSLY doing an incredibly CRAPPY job.

Two apartments, neighbors, same high floor. Building treating the situation.

No nearby bug reports