215 W 94th St
New York, NY 10025-6922

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November 2010 11/24 and 11/25/10 My husband and I came into the city and stayed at this hotel the night before Thanksgiving and for Thanksgiving day and night. The room was dirty looking around the walls, with cracks in the walls, too. My husband and I looked under the mattress but didn't see any bedbugs. We did sleep there Wed pm. The next day, however, I was pulling up the sheets and noticed a dried bloody mess on the bottome sheet! I was appalled and looked to see if there were any bugs

around. I think the sheet had been laundered but it looked like there might have been a dead bug, I don't know as it was tiny. I called the front desk and at least they apologized and upgraded us to a junior suite. It was a hassle to move all of our stuff and I was really upset, but we did. The new room was nice and clean, and so much better than the other one. I would not recommend staying in ANY Day's Hotel however for this bloody bedbug mess! We were not given our money back, but my husband did not ask for it, as we did sleep there and did not get any bites!! YUCK!

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This is a hotel... For some reason this site is not listing it in the hotels list. It is the Days Hotel Broadway 215 W 94th St, New York, NY, 10025. DO NOT stay here. I was there about 6 weeksw ago. I got bitten all night and brought the buggers home. Am now in the miserable hell of dealing with the infestation...

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