315 W 94th St
New York, NY 10025-6829

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Nov 14 2009 - Nov 19th 2009 . Room 505. Candy Hostel New York

Ive been staying here since Saturday the 14th of November up until tommorow which will be the 19th of November. Basically the first night was fine. On the second night I noticed bites around my legs. And the reason I noticed was because they were so itchy!!
Then the next day I noticed the bites along my arms and hands. And then I noticed the bites up towards my neck and on my upper thighs!

Upon doing research on what bed bugs

look like, I've decided to stay up all night here and so far two bed bugs have come up from underneath the matress on one side of the bed. It's just disgusting.

I also found a cockroach in the room the other day. But that was least of my worry's as they bed bugs are impossible to sleep with!!

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