135 W 96th St
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First, I just want to write this info. I share a home with my partner. During this entire episode I was bitten frequently and had the most severe, visible, painful reaction, huge red welts that lasted for up to 2 weeks. BUT my partner never experienced a single bite. I was told some people never get bitten or have no reaction to the bites.

In early 2013 I began suffering from bites. I dreaded to imagine they were from bedbugs. I went to Stonehenge management in our complex. They told

me it was unlikely they were bedbugs since there were no reports in our 3 buildings.

When the bites persisted I went back to management. They actually threatened me with the prospect of invasive searches for the bugs and the horrors of the ordeal of extermination. I insisted on an inspection.

They sent someone who seemed thorough. He even inspected the plants on my terrace. He said there were no signs of bedbugs. I was happy to think I did not have bedbugs, but at a loss to explain the bites which grew more numerous and painful, requiring medical intervention.

Then, one day, I found a live bug, and then another. I went to management and they agreed they were bedbugs and they would exterminate.

Then staff members began to tell me of numerous other apartment with bedbugs in out complex which includes 120 W 97 St and 160 W 97 St.

I had 3 treatments but still had bugs. I did not sleep in my own home for over a month while trying to get the house clear. I did some interventions myself and think (hope) we are clear now. It took months.

Stonehenge management did not report the infestation to my adjoining neighbors.

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It started slowly - a few bites that I attributed to "no-see-ums" - nasty little biting gnats that came in through my open kitchen window. When it increased, I realized I had a different problem - sure enough, when I turned over the mattress, there they were - nasty little buggers. I have hardwood floors throughout, and no old basboards for them to hide behind, but I thoroughly vacuumed, washed and poisoned everything (and I mean EVERYTHING.) Got a dust-mite-proof zippered cover for the mattr

ess and boxspring and am praying for the best. I hear there is a massive infestation in offices in Midotwn (where I work) so I am alerting my office manager to the problem.

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