120 W 97th St
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Another wonderful experience with Stonehenge's management is that during the course of our bedbug experience, they repeatedly offered to pay for the cost of items related to the bedbug treatment (mattress covers, pillow covers, etc.), laundry cleanings for clothing to ensure that there were no bedbug nypmhs or eggs, and even hotel stays on the day of the pesticide treatments - however, they never came through with their promises. In other words, they induced us to incur considerable expenses wit

h the promise of reimbursement and failed to reimburse us for those costs.

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The building management, Stonehenge, has been making sworn statements in the form of the required bedbug disclosure form in which they represent that there have not even been any complaints of bedbugs within the past year. That statement is patently false.

The building management recently admitted that there have been complaints of bedbugs which required inspection and treatment on the second and fourth floors. These have been at least as recently as April 2012.

The building has recently

had extensive problems with bedbugs on the sixth floor as well. However, they have not been sharing this with prospective tenants while the problem had been ongoing. These have been from April 2012 to August 2012.

Building insiders have hinted that there have been considerably more undisclosed bedbug issues over the past year, but that Stonehenge has been trying to keep a lid on that, so to speak.

We're writing to share this so that prospective tenants know that Stonehenge has intentionally misrepresented the facts to induce prospective tenants to sign a lease. Tenants who actually were aware of the frequency and breadth of the bedbug situation in the building would think twice about renting there.

In addition, the bedbug problems were handled in a less than professional manner, with a negligence that approached recklessness. They initially denied that the bedbugs found were bedbugs, ignored the reports of multiple bites in the traditional "three bite" pattern, and allowed the problem to spread. Neighboring tenants reported that they had not been made aware of the problem in adjacent units (as is required by law), and the building thus allowed the problem to compound.

If you're one of the other units which has been affected by bedbugs in this building, we encourage you to share your story as well.

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