330 W 95th St
New York, NY 10025-6101

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This is now a homeless shelter and I keep hearing the security guards here saying this building is infested with bedbugs. They treat us worse than you treat an animal constant attitudes and they talk about the homeless amongst themselves but we hear them when we sign in or out. My husband and I have gotten bumps on our body and we're afraid it bedbug bites. If they knew that this building is infected why house people in here period. The city needs to investigate this place 330 and 316 both buil

dings. And residents had the nerve to protest when they decided to put a homeless shelter in there neighborhood please they needed to bulldoze these two buildings.

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how about all the murders that were commited there

14 Feb 2009. Sister and I stayed here, initially we were put into the building next door. I woke up in the night itching and discovered bed bugs. The bed was literally alive with them, there were more than 200 of them on our bed alone. The hotel staff were unsurprised and unsympathetic and we had to move rooms 4 times before we found a room that didn't seem to have any. I had over 100 bites, from my ankles to my face, they'd even got inside my pyjamas in the hour I'd been asleep for, and i have

some rather unpleasant pictures for the photo album. There was never any suggestion of a refund from the management. This place should be shut down.

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We booked in for the Candy Hostel for August 27th- 3rd September 2009.

Candy Hostel is an absolute nightmare. When we got there they gave us a room in the building next door which is apparently called Hotel Fresh. It was anything but.

My boyfriend and i ended up covered in over 100 bed bug bites from the 4 days we spent there. We asked to be changed rooms after the first night but were refused. As we didn't have anywhere else to go, we stayed on, not realising how bad the infestation would


We were told we could have a refund for the 3 days we didn't stay but had paid for, but have not seen any money yet and when we called the manager John (after several attempts to get in contact with him) he refused to refund any money.

We couldn't get rid of the bugs and ended up taking them with us to the next place by accident. We had to throw out our luggage and many clothes and other items. We spent about 3 different days at the laundromat trying to get rid of them.

The 2 rooms we were in were 1719 and 1427 (we finally got moved after 2 days but of course the bugs came with us or were in that room too).

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20-23 August 2009. Three people in a private room came out with small bites by 22 August. Most bites were above the belly button, which led us to believe that the bed bugs were living in the pillows.

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