784 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10025-5900

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After the last infestation, about 8 months ago-- (reported here)when all my clothes were removed from my room and washed/dry cleaned and put in dryers for over an hour, then put in hefty bags that have been crowding me out of the remaining space in my living room, the exterminators came in and sprayed the fronts of all the furniture of an antique bedroom set, ruining the finish and leaving a white powdered poison all over the fronts. I have not been compensated for any of t

his and now the bedbugs are back. I found one lodging between the plastic covers that I had to buy for both the box spring and mattress. The management of the building asked me if I prepared my apartment properly for the exterminators ...removing the baseboards and electrical plates from the walls. I'm a 62 year old disabled woman who is suffering from Lymphoma. I can't do that. And now I face having to wash and clean my remaining clothes....feeding still more money into the dryers in the building. Sadly, I cannot afford to move.

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Yes! 784 Columbus on the 5th floor. The building management calls an exterminator who treats one apartment ensuring that they'll move into another apartment.

Many of the tenants in this building are in units that are rent stabilized and the owner would undoubtedly like to get them out so higher income can be realized from this building or a taller condo building that could replace it (as was built on Columbus Ave. by the same owner).

This is blockbusting...not of a racial sort, but an econ

omic sort. By dealing with the bedbug situation in a haphazard manner the problem is sure to spread, inducing the rent-stabilized tenants to move.

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This building continues to have bed bug problems. I've had bites on at least 3 separate occasions in the last 8 months. We've had our apartment sprayed a couple times, and the exterminator was in about 6 weeks ago and didn't find anything (after the most recent biting incident), but once again yesterday I woke up with the classic "breakfast, lunch and dinner" bites on my arm. A friend who lived on the 5th floor and moved out a few months ago said there had been a terrible infestation on that

floor as well. I guess we'll keep vacuuming and checking, but if the building doesn't take more aggressive action, at some point soon we'll have to think about moving out and letting someone else offer their body as food for these bugs.

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This past September (2009), my husband had bites all over his body. The exterminator confirmed that we had bedbugs but claimed that it was not an infestation. After he sprayed, we didn't have any more problems. But this past week, March 2010, my husband fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a bedbug biting him. He saved the bug to confirm with the exterminator that it was indeed a bedbug. The exterminator inspected our apartment and says that he did not see anything and that it may have be

en an isolated incident.

This building definitely has a problem. Our neighbor directly below us confirmed that she had a major infestation.

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I would agree with the previous poster that the building may be a problem. After itchy bites mysteriously appeared all over my arms and legs I went to the doctor thinking I was having an allergic reaction. He confirmed it was bed bug bites. When I had our apartment treated, the treatment company confirmed it had treated several other units in the building.

My wife was getting bites all over her arms and chest, we had no clue what it was until a friend suggested bed bugs. We looked on-line and found the classic 'breakfast, lunch, dinner" marks were what she had. Then we found a bed bug on our couch. We suspect the building may a problem.

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