250 W 99th St
New York, NY 10025-5433

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We discovered that we were infested with bed bugs on Monday, January 28, 2008. We are not the
only apartment in this building to experience
this terrible problem. While the landlord
agreed to get a qualified exterminator to treat
our apartment he refuses to reimburse us for
the cost of buying a new mattress, laundering
and dry cleaning all our clothes, window treat
ments, linens, the cost to board my animals for
the day, etc., etc. The expense to us is no small
sum. And, I intend

to get the authorities
involved including our local newscasters in an
effort to force this landlord to compensate us.
The apartment below ours was infested not too long ago as well as an apartment above. This building has an obvious building wide infestation. The landlord refuses to conduct a comprehensive extermination of the entire
building and this refusal is causing other apartments to get infected.

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