317 W 99th St
New York, NY 10025-5415

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I lived in Apartment 1D at 317 W. 99th St. A family on the top floor was known by the landlord, Uzi Einy at Dan Co., to have bed bugs. It was never treated. Dan Co. moved the family to the first floor, right next to my apartment, to 1C. Within six months my apartment had bed bugs.
The landlord said THEY WERE AWARE of the problem with my neighbor and would compensate me for reasonable costs (bed bug protectors etc.) But then the landlord sent in a non-certified exterminator who, as far as

I could tell, was just a guy with a truck. He didn't tell me what to do (wash everything etc), but I did my research online. He was supposed to come for a follow up visit in a week. It took about a month. And the "treatment" didn't work. I contineud to wake up with massive bites all over my body and eventually had to move out of my apartment.
I estimate a total of about $10,000 was spent in new mattresses, laundry, bed bug protection, doctor (and vet!) visits, lost rent, and my security deposit, which Dan Co. has refused to refund.
I officially moved out at the end of January (my lease was up end of March), and would say that the landlord MORE than broke the warrent of habitibility. Until you have them, you just have no idea how awful it is...

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