850 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025-5103

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Worst bed bug infestation btw 2011-2013. It happened to me three times! BLDG was so hostile and unwilling to help even though they knew all along that there was a severe problem in the building. There dealings with tenants is horrible. I had to spend so much money on exterminators and I was silly not to have moved sooner. Listen to me and the other tenants on this registry- do not ever move into this horrible building run by horrible management.

Three treatments since early July. Bugs are still not gone. Exterminator cannot find the source and seems to want to blame us, even though we prepped carefully and have taken every precaution possible. Also reacted to the chemicals they used during treatment. Have talked to several neighbors who have reported seeing bugs, and in some cases, they did not get exterminated. Landlord and exterminator act like we are the only ones in the building, so we've driven ourselves crazy wondering how we

got them, although we suspected they were already here. The bugs are only part of the problem; getting the runaround from the landlord is just as bad. Super has been incredibly responsive; BLDG has dragged their feet on multiple occasions when we needed inspections or some type of follow-up. We are ready to go.

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The third time I am having a bed bug infestation problem, the last is very very recent, just 1 hour old.

There is nothing much to say, just do not rent any apartment from this building, ever! I talked to different neighbors residing in different floors and they either had it, have it or someone else on the floor has it. There is no running away from getting infested if you move in here. Just misery and sleepless nights, this is what you are signing yourself into.

I am praying every singl

e day to get out of this apartment, unfortunately the lease won't expire until September..

Just be smart, or lucky, find this website, search this building and READ THIS! STAY AWAY from 850 AMSTERDAM AVENUE!

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I moved into my apartment 1 month ago (september 9). I only had 2 suitcases, so bought 'everything' new, packed and nicely delivered. After two weeks, I thought my allergy problem is coming back since I had red bumps all over my arms and hands. Then I had to go to Texas for a few days, the bumps got smaller. When I get back home, they came back immediately, so I thought 'am i cooking something that I am allergic to?'. The 2 bugs I found on my mattress answered my question. Nicely ziplocked, I sh

owed my evidence to the super. He told me to call the BLDG. I called and had the exterminator yesterday. I vacuumed the house after extermination. Before, I put my life into sealed bags and took necessary steps. This morning I killed two more bugs. I don't know what to do. Is it like medieval times that we cannot control these bugs?? I am so mad and scared..I am allergic to these bugs, and have breathing problem due to extermination..

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Started getting bite in June of this year, just assumed they were regular mosquito bites. But then, noticed they were more swollen and coming in groups of two or three in a line. I've always been paranoid of bedbugs and am moving away so I contacted BLDG to get a report on if/where bedbugs had been found in the building. I was told that they were not required to tell tenants that are moving anything of the sort but that the problem had been resolved and was nowhere near my apartment. Just mov

ed into my new place (in Maine), found a bedbug. Just awesome.

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Last summer (2010) my apartment got bedbugs. It turned out that the management had known for some time about my next-door neighbors' infestation and not warned the rest of us, so of course we all got them.

Then, this spring 2011, I saw the telltale exterminator and his equipment in the lobby of my building and contacted my building manager. Yes, I was told, there was again a bedbug problem - again after the fact, and again I got them. This time, I moved. I should have done so years ago.


r your own good, avoid BLDG Management buildings! They are an extremely shady company, and hostile in their dealings with tenants.

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