216 W 99th St
New York, NY 10025-5099

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I recently thought I had bed bugs and I contacted management and they had their exterminators, First Rate, come through the next day and do a thorough inspection with the dog and luckily I did not have them. I felt the building manager was pretty responsive and proactive in my case so I have to say I am a bit surprised by all of the remarks and complaints below mine stating otherwise.

I had a completely different experience. Reported to management and within 21 hrs the exterminator showed up with a dog - they were detected and treated immediately with steam. After the first visit I was did not find any more bugs and was very pleased chemicals were not used. Even my mattress and clothes were steamed.

Management scheduled another follow up visit and situation fixed.

My apartment in this building was infested in March 2011.

I hired a private exterminator after Management failed to return several messages I'd left.

The Building Manager reacted extremely hostilely when I told him about it--he went so far as to suggest that the exterminator I hired might be part of a scheme to bring bedbugs TO the building. Manager said to me "you've just created an enormous mess for me to clean up."

Manager seemed to be in denial about the building's bedbug situ

ation, despite the fact that there are Bedbug Registry reports for the building dating back to 2009.

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A bedbug infestation on the 6th floor of the building was treated about six months ago (Aug-Sept 2010). Currently, March 21, 2011, there is an active infestation on the 4th floor. The management is refusing the deal with the issue and tenants are forced to pay out of pocket for treatment.

This apartment complex 200-230 W 99th street.

Currently has multiple instances of bed bugs. The building management and owner's 200-230 W 99 REALTY LLC, do nothing to combat this situation in a preventative manner. When confronted about these issues the management takes a minimalist approach, only acting after the third or fourth request for help. When they do act the cut corners. Apartments adjoining the infested apartment, are given no consideration. Our apartment was only inspect up

on our chance encounter with the exterminators whom we asked to assess our situation (this was a minimal inspection consisting of the exterminator examining only one mattress).

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There is a middle aged woman on the fifth floor who has infested the appartment. She refuses to get rid of excess clutter in her bedroom and has subjected other occupants in the same appartment to this infestation as well. She does not clean nor does she feel she has to. This woman is my mother unfortunately.

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