235 W 102nd St
New York, NY 10025-4923

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Spring 2012

We wanted to purchase at the Broadmoor but were very nervous about making an offer because of the notices on this site. Finally we made an offer contingent on the Bed Bug Inspectors giving a thumbs up.

The inspector brought out a dog and had the dog sniff EVERYWHERE -- the lobby, the elevator, the laundry room -- but the dog found NO whiff of bugs. The dog sniffed the apartment, and no bugs. Then inspector also visually inspected the apartment thoroughly for dead or dorman

t bugs, even scraping behind the baseboards in the sleeping area. No bugs. Then the inspector walked the dog up and down all the hallways on our floor to see if it would scratch at any apartment door indicating bugs within. No bugs.

I will mention that our attorney suggested using the Bed Bug Inspectors because they only look for bugs, they do not sell any services for getting rid of bugs -- in other words, they do not have a monetary interest in finding bugs that are not there...

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I live in this building and was concerned about the reports on this site, so I spoke to the woman who owned my apartment (I am in a Co-Op). She then spoke to the super, the man in charge of the management company, and to the board. All of them said that this was mere gossip, that they in fact had the exterminator come many times to check, but never found anything. I also spoke to the doormen and they all confirmed that no one had anything, but they did say that some guy in the building kept o

n complaining of bugs, but the exterminator could find none. They said that they sprayed his apartment anyway because they kind of got aggravated that he kept on making a fuss even when nothing was found and suggested he had been spreading rumors because he was hysterical. I have lived in this building for almost eight years and can tell you that these guys are always on top of things. I never received anything under my door saying that three cases were found, but they did caution us what to do if we suspected we had bed bugs.

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I saw a bug or two a week or so in the laundry room. One of the porters mentioned to me recently that someone had a case of them. Again no official announcements or signs, especially in the laundry room urging caution!

The super told me there were 4 cases on my floor alone. One of them was directly next to our apartment. He then conducted an superficial, totally unauthorized search of many apartments with a flashlight.

Meanwhile, no announcement has been made publicly in the building.

The doorman recently told me a number of the floors have cases

I live in this building and got something under the door a few weeks ago saying that there had been 3 incidents of apt with bedbugs and the mgmt handled it. Also to please let them know if you do have bedbugs and they'll take care of it.

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