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Adult bedbug found near apt 1A.

March 2011 - The tenant in apt 4B had bedbugs and did not report them to anyone. The bedbugs traveled to apt 4A, 3A and 3B. Once the tenants in those apartments realized they had bedbugs a tenant notified all 8 apartments in the building of the problem by letter, management was unhappy the tenants were sharing information. Those 4 apartments packed everything up and had a series of treatments over a 3 month period. Apartment 4B had a massive infestation, one of the worst Metro Pest Control had

seen. During the process apt 1B found bedbugs and eventually had the apartment treated. The landlord/management was evasive and did the bare minimum to assist the tenants. The landlord/management did not require treatment for all 8 apartments in the building, they spot treated. Eventually it was leaked to one of tenants that apartment 2B had bedbugs and it is still unclear if the apartment was treated. In January 2012 a bedbug was found in the bathroom in apartment 3A and additional inspections were done without finding an infestation. The bedbugs were traveling through the bathrooms from apartment to apartment in the building. Preparing personal items, cleaning every single piece of clothing and linen is very expensive; it is more thorough than packing to move. This infestation could have been stopped if the tenant would have reported the problem immediately and had treatments. The negligence of the tenant in 4B jeopardized the other apartments which wreaked havoc and incurred thousands of dollars in personal expenses for the other tenants. Report bedbugs immediately.

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