856 W End Ave
Manhattan, NY 10025-4916

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856 West End Ave. is a multi-unit building with 8 apartments, 2 on each floor. As of today, April 1, 2011, bedbugs have been reported by tenants in 4 apartments which are at some stage of the process in preparing for treatment or in the midst of treatment. The first report of bedbugs was made to the super on 2/15/11. It was not until 3/12/11 after a specific request for exterminators was made that the apartment was inspected. It is currently the management’s position that the only apartm

ents which have seen and requested treatment will be inspected. This is a current and evolving issue in our building and the tenants are trying to get the management to agree to treat all of the apartments and eradicate the issue so this will not be reoccurring. Educating the tenants and management on the issue has been time consuming, we are urging management to step up and be proactive.

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