229 W 101st St
New York, NY 10025-4904

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Moved into this building in May of 2009 and almost immediately started getting bites. Because we had never experienced bedbugs before and because I was the only one getting bites (and having horrible allergic reactions), we didn't think it was bedbugs. Eventually, we discovered the infestation. We packed up everything that we owned and the apartment was exterminated. It really was a horrible experience. We now spray every 45 days to prevent things coming through the cracks. Since this is the thi

rd complaint for this location, it seems like the building may have an issue with these little terrors.

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I agree with the other posting. We moved into one of the 'E' apartments in early 2007 and soon noticed bites. We happened to see one of the bugs and looked it up on the internet. The landlord acted like they had heard this all before and referred us to the same exterminator that had previously treated the building. As a result we began asking around the building and found other tenants were impacted - and their apartments had been treated many,many times. Because it seemed that such a large

portion of the building was infested and because I am so allergic we decided to move. It was the worst experience of my life. We were forced to throw away furniture and lived a year with everything covered in plastic or in storage.

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I moved into an apartment in May 2008 only to learn that there was a terrible bed bug infestation in my line of the building. No one forewarned me and it took a month to figure out that all the bites on my body were bed bug bites. They exterminated multiple times throughout the summer to no avail. The infestation is in parts of the E and F lines.

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