845 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10025-4531

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I had a BedBug infestation at this apartment located at this address roughly around 2007 to the middle of 2009. I no longer live here but would still like to report that it happened. Honestly we didn't have a heavy infestation it was more like a light to medium level infestation. The exterminators told me that most likely we were getting them from other apartments in the building. We had to throw out a lot of furniture, and even after that we still had them not as much as before, when I first di

scovered them on my pillow when I came back late on a Friday night around 3am. However the occasional adult bedbug would climb on to my bed. One of the things I did to keep the infestation to a minimum was to buy special bedbug covers for the box spring and mattress too ( which were both white ) and remove all clutter from the floors even shoes. I even at that time I bought a new computer case too just so it wasn't on the floor also. I even bought bedbug spray from amazon.com, when I used it, it seem to keep them away for at least a month until I would spot an adult bedbug walking on my bed again, I also stopped using blankets and used sheets only and washed the sheets frequently usually every two weeks or less. By doing those things I was able to keep the infestation to a minimum. What finally killed the bedbugs in my place wasn't any of those things I did, it was the renovations that were done to the apartment during the last year I was there. We had the apartment fully painted and the floors got new tiles all over the house. After that for the last 9 months that I lived in that apartment I never saw another bedbug again. Now I try to be very careful not walking to close to abandoned furniture in the street, because the day that I through out my full size bed when I first discovered them I must have seen at least 10 or more adults in the box spring. As I was pulling the box spring I saw one of the bed bugs jump and pretty far too that's why I'm so paranoid not to walk to close to abandoned furniture now lol. I've talked to some of my old neighbors and they say that building is heavily infested in several apartments, I can't confirm that only the infestation I had though. Now I live in a new apartment but have a new bug problem there ants I live on a low floor so I guess that's to be expected. Well I suppose that if I had a choice I'd rather live with the ants heh.

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