207 W 102nd St
New York, NY 10025-4402

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I live at this address. On May 27th I noticed that I had unexplained bite on my legs.

On June 9th the bites were confirmed as bedbug bites by a dermatologist.

On June 10th I alerted the building manager (there is no landlady) that I had a diagnosis of bedbugs.

She was very concerned and responsive. She told me that she would have an exterminator come in.

On June 12th, the exterminator came to the building. He inspected the bugs and confirmed bedbugs as well as spider beetles. (This

distinction is important as it meant additional types of extermination process, chemicals, etc.)

I was then instructed on how to prepare my apartment for extermination. This meant washing all clothing several times. And washing all items such as statues, lamps, etc. and packaging them so avoid re-contamination.

I chose to discard the mattress although I was told it could be fumigated and encased with a protective cover for future use.

The building also gave me space in the basement to store my stuff while the extermination took place.

The exterminator was extremely professional and polite. He took several days to install the proper fumigating plugs into the walls, inject the chemicals, spray, and bomb the apartment.

He also caulked the entire apartment so that no bugs could come in. He even caulked my wooden platform bed in case any bugs were still in the wood.

I am aware that another tenant in my building reported bedbugs. The exterminator told me that he had difficulty gaining access to that apartment to continue his work and that the tenant had not bagged and stored her stuff as required. This was important to me since it was possible that bugs from her apartment would migrate to mine. I learned later that the tenant had moved out abruptly.

The management handled my situation very well. I felt very supported. We even took the opportunity to have the apartment painted after the fumigation.

And infestation of bugs is not pleasant and impacted my life greatly. However, this could not have been handled any better than what happened.

And I have had no further problem with bugs.

I urge anyone who has a problem with bugs to follow all directions from the exterminator. It really saved my home and my sanity.

It is unfortunate that another tenant feels so badly about the situation.

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Somehow we got bedbugs in the beginning of June 2009. While the landlord did get her exterminator out here, she also made everything as difficult as humanly possible - berating us, telling us it was our fault, etc. (even though I have no idea how we got them, and it could easily be somewhere else in the building - along with the mice, cockroaches, etc., that the landlady claims don't exist but do). So...even though the exterminator has come out, we've still gotten bites - therefore we're pretty

sure we still have them (but we don't see them).

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