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9/26/2011: Found several bedbugs on futon in one bedroom. Called landlord and they sent out the exterminator the next day. We spent 5 days prepping for the extermination and used organic spray when we saw live bugs to kill them. When lifting the mattress in the master bedroom, found 4 bugs and squished them. Vacuumed everything and washed all fabric in the house, making sure to dry everything in hot dryer. Bagged all clean clothes, linens. Exterminator came today and said the infestation was min

imal. We had disposed of the futon. However, he said there was infestation in our sofa. We wanted a new one anyway so threw it out tonight. Landlord is paying for service. We told our neighbors just so they could keep an eye out. Exterminator will return in 3 weeks to respray. Living out of plastic bags sucks!

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BED BUGS! July 16th 2010. Not sure where they came from. They suck. The landlord will most likely pay for ineffective chemical treatment when all the websites say the heat treatment coupled with the dog sniffer is the best way to deal with them. There are no good answers here it seems.

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