61 W 106th St
New York, NY 10025-3856

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Cockroaches that aren't afraid of you either. Range in size from tiny (pin head) to large (4 inches, 6 if you include antennas).

Starting about September my husband sarted complaining about being itchy. He had some spots but nothing that really looked like a bite. I had nothing. Nor did our four year old get any.

Then, the wednesday before thanksgiving, I turned on my bedside light wheile getting dressed and one crawled across my pillow.

Also somewhere in between we heard that one of our upstairs neighbors had bed begs. And, there was a mattress outside with a big "do not take, beg bugs" note on it _ not from t

he neighbor who told us about his.

Our landlord, Brosco Management has been great. But, I am afraid there are more apartements in the building infected then they are aware of as I dont think all the tentants would be as willing to call as we were.

Although we've had two treatments, they seem to have spread to our daughter's room now since she woke up this am with a collection of bites on her arm. Our exterminator wont be happy since he really wants us the get rid of the very expensive antique bed we purchased from ABC carpet. It has evidence of a terrible infestation within the last few years (they didnt warn us when we purchased it - I am currently negociating a refund with them!)... and he feels it is too happy a haven...

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