157 W 106th St
New York, NY 10025-3714

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I've lived in the building for a while and have no problems with bedbugs - I even hired a dog to sniff our place before we rented and there were no problems at that time. I really don't think there are any bedbugs - the building is well-maintained and was gut renovated in perhaps the 90's. The building does have other problems - a new owner is harassing stabilized tenants, not renewing unstabilized tenants' leases, and doing unauthorized construction and conversions so I'd be willing to bet tha

t this report is some tenant's attempt at revenge. Weapons of the weak and all that.

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There's been a problem with bedbugs in this building for several months now. Exterminator never comes and landlord refuses to do anything offering only glue traps. Ha! Rent at your own risk.

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