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Found a small bed bug on my wall in the daytime. Caught it and showed it to exterminator. He said it was a bedbug but since I wasn't getting bit there was no problem. 5-6 months passed and I didn't see any bedbugs. I find my next bedbug on my couch. It is also a small one (not an adult yet). I catch that one and show the exterminator. He says the same thing as the first time.

Today (Another 3 months later or so) I am cleaning under my bed and I find 2 large adult bedbugs that are still alive

. I have captured them and am calling the exterminator tomorrow morning. I am worried though because I am moving in 3 weeks! I had already packed the majority of my stuff but now I am going to have to unpack everything to repack everything after praying!

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