971 Amsterdam Ave
Manhattan, NY 10025-3003

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I lived in a mid-building apartment at 971 Amsterdam from June 2004 to June 2006. To say this building has a bedbug problem is an understatement. After two professional treatments, the bedbugs still returned. They are in the walls, and some of the tenants just deal with them on an infestation-by-infestation basis. My next door neighbor actually bought industrial sized insecticide canisters to spray once a week. I would not recommend living here despite the low rent and great neighborhood.

Apartment 2N. My roommate and I noticed bumps on our shoulders and someone mentioned that it might be bed bugs. We thought there was no way, but after looking it up online and looking around our bed and on our mattress very closely we actually SAW them! It was awful. The building paid for an exterminator to come 2-3 times, we cased our mattresses in plastic, washed EVERYthing, rented a steam-cleaner, etc. For a month or two we thought we had beat it, then it came back and we didn't want to start

the whole process again. The building claimed there weren't any in the building, but we talked to someone who used to live in our building and they said they had the same problem. We also talked to someone who lived in the building for 65 years (her whole life) and she said there had been an on/off problem with bed bugs for a really long time. My roommate and I didn't want to deal with it any longer, so we broke our lease 3 motnths early and when we told them why, even though they had denied bed bugs from the building, they returned our deposit in full - and quickly!

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