354 W 110th St
New York, NY 10025-2633

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I got over the course of 3 days (second week of August, 2011) 10 huge bites on my right butt and thigh. I realized that I was being bitten right where my body lands in the crack between the cushions in my couch. I get a severe and painful reaction...swollen and ugly!

I went out of town for 8 days, and got 4 more bites on my knee the day I returned (Aug 24, 2011). I was not sleeping very well because at this point I was pretty certain I had bed bugs. At 5 am I walked into my living room and sa

w an actual bug running across my couch! I had a piece of tape nearby and caught it.

I am starting the de-infestation process right now. My landlord said no one else in my building has reported bugs, and my immediate next door neighbor hasn't gotten any bites. I haven't gotten any bites for almost a week now, and I am hoping that I may have just had one bug that I caught. I know though...highly unlikely, although a comforting thought.

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