172 W 109th St, Apt 4r
New York, NY 10025-2528

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On 9/30/09 I contacted the management company to let them know that I saw a bedbug in my apartment. They told us that they would contact their exterminator and have the exterminator contact us. They refused to give us the exterminators phone number. I have since come to find out that the exterminator was never called. We called our own exterminator and the management company refused to pay for the extermination. We had four exterminations in six weeks and due to the fact that the management

company took over a month to treat the rest of the building, the bedbugs spread to other neighboring apartments. We have decided to move instead of continuing to exterminate and not only have lost hours and lots of money, but all of our furniture as well. The management company not only refused payment of the exterminator, but they are refusing to return our security deposit.

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