203 W 109th St
New York, NY 10025-2308

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We were a family of three with the third on the way when we moved in. We were shown the place through a broker from Craigslist. I did an initial google search and found reports for bed bugs. I asked the broker and he denied them and took nearly 4000 of our money (wedding money tomake it worse). We moved in with hopes that this would not be our reality as we were desperate for a place to live with the little one on the way and the neighborhood is a great one. All in all the point of this short st

ory is that after a bout of suspicious bites and a lot of prodding, surreptitious questioning of the management company, exterminator, and web research, bed bugs were confirmed. Initially we could not figure out where they were coming from but thanks to our newborn and being up at all hours in the night, we finally caught them coming from at least one confirmed source. We found them crawling out of the light fixtures and when we took down the fixtures there was a multitude of dead ones too. They live in the walls of this building and there appears to be a history of bed bugs, active or not im not sure, in numerous other apartments. The issue appears to not be localized to this buliding though. Nearly every two weeks mattresses and other furniture end up on the curbs of this street. The problem must be throughout the block or the area. Please read this story with caution as the psychological damage of having this, especially with a child, is hard to endure and they are EXTREMELY hard to find, get rid of and get over.

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Bed bugs found and confirmed. Sad.

I lived on the 5th floor of this building. There was a major cockroach and mouse infestation that finally winter brought under control. However, bed bugs were next. If you decided to lie on the living room carpet at night, you could see one or two of them coming toward you across the carpet in the glow of the television. I moved out.

My roommate and I discovered bedbugs in our couch shortly after we moved in. The bedbugs quickly spread to our beds. The management company did have an exterminator come who was very thorough, but did not get rid of everything (which he warned us may be the case.) It was very difficult to get the exterminator to come back again.

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