509 W 110th St
New York, NY 10025-2005

Found 7 reports:

Infestation has now spread to multiple apartments on multiple floors of East half of building. Confirmed by K9 dog sniffer.

Management company is NOT responding to tenants concerned about infestation that has been ongoing for 6 months. Not returning phone calls, infestation likely to spread due to management's unwillingness to address situation.

The management company that runs this building is highly responsive when it comes to bed bugs. If you live in this building and are experiencing a problem, please report it to them so it can be dealt with immediately.

Bed bugs still present in building.

Severe infestation in building. At least one apartment badly infested. As of 11/8/2010 problem has been resolved after 6 weeks of extensive treatment by exterminator. If you live in this building, seal up cracks in your walls and floor as this is how they are traveling through the building.

10/11/10 - Mattress labeled "bed bugs" outside on curb with some chairs. Does anyone know what the current situation is in 509? Is it an isolated apartment or several that are involved? Has it been taken care of by management?

We found bed bugs.

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