501 W 110th St
New York, NY 10025-2005

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6D was finally treated successfully in 2011 after the tenants organization met with management and got local politicians to bring pressure. The super did a terrific job of cleaning out and repairing the apartment during repeated bouts of extermination. 7C had another episode of bedbugs in late winter 2012 and again currently, August 2012.

Problem tenant in 7C. Has allowed bed bug infestation to grow, and now dragging feet on prep work which is delaying proper extermination/treatment. He is a senior citizen, but not incapable of doing the prep work.

Also, seems as though 6D found another after several months of extensive treatments to an out of control infestation. This is a quite elderly lady who is overwhelmed with prep -- and also poor eyesight to see bed bugs until they get out of control.

Please not: The above-mentioned

units are inhabited by senior citizens, so if anyone has any resources to suggest solutions for these types of issues, please do. Neighbors have called the city at 311, Adult Protective Services, etc. to no avail. There should be legislation that helps infirm or elderly tenants with prep work for bed bug infestations.

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When will this stop? Another apartment today - this time on the 3rd floor - found a live bed bug. Stellar Management has a dog inspection planned this week. Apartments found with positive readings will be exterminated. However, quite a lot of apartments on throughout the building have been treated multiple times and this issue is not going away. Some tenants are not complying, the landlord is slow (and cheap) to action, and the exterminators are laughing their way to the bank.

Infestations in this building, while treated, have returned repeatedly in the same apartments. The management has been fast to react, but has been taking conservative route(least expensive, not enough follow up, no treatment of apartments surrounding the infestations), with the result that apartments have had recurrences three and four times over 18 months.

3 units/apartments have confirmed bedbugs, and residents trying to work with the management to prevent the spread of further infestation.

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