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I started finding the mosquito-like bites late in the fall (Nov. 2007?). I was in denial that they could be from bed bugs til I actually caught some adults crawling on my bed after being out of town for a while. They don't seem to have moved to any other part of the apartment so far, and I haven't slept in my bed since discovering them. I've already started the bagging, washing, vaccuuming process, and will continue with special bed bug killer treatments this week. finge

rs crossed!

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Found out that I have a severe bedbug infestation in early August. Probably brought back from travel to Chile and Turkey earlier in the year, or from bringing a rug and a backpack into the apartment off of the street (yes, I know, it wasn't smart).

Treated 3 times so far and I think they are mostly gone, but I'm not sure. The bites do not affect me or leave marks, so I had to actually find one to realize I had them.

Now my roommate has them. Will begin treating them next week. Ugh.

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