268 W 84th St
New York, NY 10024

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I had overheard that a tenant in apt. 6D had a bedbug problem several months ago, and that another friend of theirs had a second apartment in the building treated. Starting at approximately Thankgiving, I started to wake up with itching ankles, then arms, and then in mid-December I got what looked like hives up the inside of my arms, and torso, calves. My housekeeper stripped my bed on Thursday, December 20, to find bedbugs crawling all around the top of the bed. Her husband, my super, called me

on Friday evening, 12-21. I found a flashlight and stripped my completely to find bed bugs crawling in my sheets, and a very large quantity between my dust ruffle and box spring.
I called and left a message with my building agent regarding the problem, and am waiting to hear what they are willing to take care of in addition to the extermination treatments since there appears to be some negligence involved.
268 West 84th St. #2D

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