230 W 79th St
New York, NY 10024-6210

Found 5 reports:

Bed bugs have been found again in building adding to the previous six (6) infestations.

Management, once again, has been irresponsbile and unresponsive.

The landlord has paid to have each and every apartment inspected for any tenant who has indicated that they may potentially have infestation. They had acted quickly and have paid for exterminating in each and every case that it existed, as well as paid for the inspections of many units which were not effected.

Tenants are self paying for inspections by dogs June 21. The landlord is not inspecting the apartments, paying for inspections, or requiring that all apartments be inspected.

A fourth apartment has recently been confirmed as badly infested, thus adding 83 South to the other three infested apartments: 71 South, 81 South and 91 South. Three of the fours apartments are currently undergoing treatment.

Three apartments within this apartment building have reported bedbugs. One apartment is in it's third attempt of extermination. So far no word from the landlord or agent about this situation.

No nearby bug reports