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I had bites show up around the middle of August 2009, and considering I hadn't traveled or had guests, I assumed it was a rash or some allergic reaction. After countless doctor's visits, and some serious checking on my bed late at night, I finally found a tiny bug and called exterminator to do an assessment to confirm their presence. Sure enough, there were bugs - including a full size adult that crawled out from under a blanket. When the landlord informed me he would not pay to exterminate

- since it was tracked in by a tenant, and therefore not the landlord's responsibility - I reported him to 311. He then agreed to take the price of the extermination out of my rent.

Side note: when the exterminator arrived at my apartment to do the assessment, he informed me that he had been in my building before. He found bed bugs in another apartment (coincidentally, the one above mine) but never treated for them. The tenant that had been living there had since moved out. The landlord, by his own admission, was made aware of the bugs at that time.

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