36 W 83rd St
New York, NY 10024-5202

Found 3 reports:

The new exterminating company has been inspecting for bed bugs and has treated all apartments.The exterminator will continue to check for bed bugs every month to make sure there aren't any more infestations. So far there have been no complaints.

Landlord brought in exterminator who checked rooms and declared them "clean," despite sightings of bugs. Management has attempted to eradicate the problem by caulking apartments and sending the same exterminator around. Is convinced that everything is fine, and will only do more inspection if more bugs are seen. However, there's no guarantee that other units are actively looking/know what to look for. Serious lack of knowledge here.

Tenant in 2007 seems to have brought bed bugs in on a used mattress. Individual apartments have been treated since then but bugs turn up in different apartments.

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