222 W 83rd St
Manhattan, NY 10024-4901

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This building has had multiple apartments on both wings of the building infested with bedbugs, including at least three in the last six months. The B line and the the east wing in general is particularly affected. The pest control company only sprays the affected apartments, there is no special cleaning attempted. I personally know of seven apartments affected in the last couple years, but there are probably many more.

As of January 2010 and since July 2008, Bed Bugs have been confirmed in the B Line. Some infestations are much worse than others and some apartments in this line are handling the situation well by following through with professional exterminators, others might not be. The super will not acknowledge the problem. It's a shameful secret. If you are reading this and live in our building,please contact the management office to the professional exterminators to come to your apartment immediately. Ther

e are many tenants that will support you and offer helpful advice..

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