150 W 84th St
New York, NY 10024-4604

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I have lived on the first floor of this building, for four months - from February until May 2012. Before I moved in, I had read that a year before there were complaints about bedbugs in this building, but I had believed the owners of this building had really taken care of the bedbugs, as they had assured on this website. But whatever they did, it didn't work or at least, it wasn't enough. I had the most terrible experience with these bugs! The last month I lived in this building I couldn't sleep

anymore. I was itching all over and I still have a bad allergy now, more than a month later!! Not to tell about the costs that I had, first with laundry, then with fumigation in my apartment in my home country, because I was really afraid of taking the bugs with me when I came back!! And all my clothing I had to throw away. I really don't think that it is enough to wash and dry hot! You have to do much more to really solve this problem. They did call the pest control, but I think the way they are doing it, it won't work again! To get rid of these bugs you have to fumigate the whole building at once and all the people, who live there, should be informed about this problem and also get the information about what they have to do in order to get rid of the bugs!! So, if you can choose, don't move in this building. It will be a matter of time until you will also have this terrible experience I am still having!!

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I moved from this apartment complex 6 months ago because my apartment and basically everyone surrounding it had bedbugs. It was a horrendous pain to get rid of them so every time I find a site I can report them I will. Although the landlord paid for the fumigation, he knew about the infestation before we did and did not do enough to prevent the spread. Personally, I believe it should be mandatory to close the building, put a tarp over it and soak the whole thing in pesticides because everyone

that has this infestation is just taking it to work, subways, and other public places on their clothes and spreading them.

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Heard that other tenants have infestations. Relative woke up with intense itching and welts, looked under matress, infested with 20-40 bugs crawling and blood stains all over..

Heard that most apartments are infested.

Landlord has been notified.

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