200 W 85th St
New York, NY 10024-3902

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WE live in apartment 4F....We had an outbreak of bed bugs in 2008 as we live on the same floor as the apartment which was infested. We were NOT notified by the management company, but took all precautions to have them properly exterminated.
Over the course of the last 6 months we have had random bugs coming into our apartment through the bathroom vent and under the kitchen sink where there are holes around the pipes.
We keep having the exterminator spray, but there is still an issue leading u

s to believe that the entire building is infested.

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In or about April 2010, tenants of apartment 6C reported infrequent bedbug biting. An inspection was done and apartment 6C was treated for spider beetles. Tenants reported the appearance of bites again in or about June 2010. Apartment 6C was then treated for bedbugs. Unfortunately, in the last week of June 2010, bites appeared again and another treatment is required.

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