201 W 85th St
New York, NY 10024-3901

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There is a bed bug infestation in this building that started in apartment 4D and has spread to six other units in the building. The building was made aware of the problem on August 4, 2008. Other units were not notified or warned (new tenants were even allowed to move in an adjacent apartment to the source during this time!). No treatments began taking place until September 9, 2008. The source has still not been properly treated because the occupant is very elderly and cannot mentally or physica

lly handle the necessary preparation for extermination and maintenance of living during the entire treatment process. Currently the landlord is taking legal action to get the tenant removed from the building in order for the problem to be treated and cleared up, but the source apartment's tenant still has not vacated or been removed and it looks like it is going to be a long litigation process.

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