175 W 87th St
New York, NY 10024-2903

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Fourth time in the past three years! Ridiculous.

there is a relentless bed bug infestation at this address. as much as you try to get rid of them, including throwing away all of your belongings, sealing every hole and buying a new mattress, they come back because the neighbors have them.


We had a couple of bedbugs, so we had an exterminator come. However, the people living upstairs from us have a bad infestation, and we think west have them again!!! These little annoying blood suckers come in thru vents, wall cracks, floor cracks, outlets, etc...it's RIDICULOUS cuz on our end we have done everything we can to prevent ourselves from going thru this again, but living underneath an apt. with a bad infestation makes it impossible!!!!! Management needs to get more activ

ely involved!

see full report...

There are quite a few apartments @ this address that have active infestation of bedbugs. Building Management has not alerted tenants.

yes we had them.. not sure but still might have them..

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