205 W 88th St
New York, NY 10024-2303

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I live in the building and we had bedbugs. While it was a very very frustrating experience the management was responsive. They sent in an exterminator asap and once extermination was complete they sent a contractor to seal and calk every single inch of wall in the apartment. We are hoping this will be the last of our problems. But yes, I think they should do the same to the entire building including common areas to be sure they are eradicated from the building.

I don't know why the person who wrote on 10/11 believes there are 'bad tenants' in this bldg. I live in the bldg, and I highly doubt there are people who have brought in "one or two" bed bugs. It's an old building, and there are problems that come along with it. In addition to bed bugs, the building also has mice and cockroaches as anyone can see from the monthly extermination request sheet in the lobby.

I don't have bed bugs, but there have been notes posted in the building that there are i

nfestations in some apartments. I do not know which ones. If the person who wrote on 10/11 is blaming tenants, I can only assume that it is management, who actually haven't been forthright about a variety of situations.

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I live in the building, and from what I understand, the management company has been doing everything it can to deal with the bed bugs and take all possible preventative action. In all fairness, I don’t think management can control one or two or three bad tenants bringing in bed bugs and letting the problem spread without reporting it. I haven't had bed bugs, but my neighbor did, and he told me that the management company was extremely responsive and helpful, and they took care of the situ

ation right away.

I have lived in the building for a couple of years, and I love it. My apartment is great, and the recently renovated lobby looks beautiful. Also, the owners put in new elevators last year, and they are really nice and fast.

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Three adjacent apartments had bedbugs over the summer, my apartment was the third one to get them. Although the building management was mostly easy to work with, the building as a whole has a problem that treating individual apartments will not fix. The exterminator had to come and treat twice and the apartment had to be sealed compeletly following treatment. So far so good, but anyone moving into this building for the first time needs to DEMAND that the apartment is professionally sealed/caulke

d completely before moving in. Management was responsive to us, but only after threatening with legal action. The building is old and, quite honestly, not worth what we pay for it, and management overall doesn't care that it's infested with bed bugs.

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I saw a bedbug run across my bed in the middle of the day. The building gas brought in an exterminator but I fear the problem is getting worse. So far I have heard that bedbugs were found on the 7th floor, then moved to the fifth floor and are now on the 4th floor. The entire building needs to be exterminated.

On June 17, 2011, we saw a bedbug crawling across our bed in broad daylight. We have never had bedbugs, take preventative measures against them and have lived in the building for fewer than two years. We assume it came in from a neighboring apartment, but are searching our apartment to see if we can find more and investigating appropriate next steps.

I am not the same person that wrote the post dated June 1, 2011.

The whole building needs to be fumigated. It's an older building with lots of cracks and the bugs crawl from apartment to apartment. I've done all I can on my own to fumigate my apartment but without the help of the building managment they just keep coming back.

Infestation on upper units of the building but also reports of infestations on lower units. You can see this on propertyshark.com as well in the violations part. These bugs are current as of 9/2008. Crawl from neightbor to neighbor via cracks in floors/walls.

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