33 W End Ave
New York, NY 10023-7816

Found 3 reports:

Lived in the building for 4 years. There have been sporadic bedbug infestations. The person who denies this must work for management.

I have lived in this wonderful building for over 3 years. I really have no complaints at all. Great maintenance team and a real well kept environment. I just read an ananymous report that was written on the building. I have to say, some people just have nothing better to do then to just write a bunch of BS for no reason!!! There has been NO history of bedbugs in this building at all! Management is very helpful if there is ever any problem, however a problem of bedbugs just never came up!

Other people on my floor brought them back from a trip India - the bugs crawl through the baseboards and outlets. Landlord was just going to have the regular exterminator service spray which - according to experts - isn't enough. I had to hire a professional bedbug exterminator to get rid of them. Cost me thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches, but I no longer share my apartment with these little bastards.

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