75 W End Ave
New York, NY 10023-7813

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I lived in this building and had bed bugs multiple times. I did everything I could possibly do!! They kept telling me it was my fault, but I followed all the instructions, am a very very neat person, bought new everything and it always came back.
I'm convinced they are in the walls here. My apartment was p12c.
But so many people had them in the building. You could get them from just getting in the elevator. They are not honest about how bad the situation is here.
They said to me " Well, we

have 3 cases on floor 5, 2 on floor 3, 4 on floor 21, etc" then they had the nerve to say " that's not nearly an infestation"

I cried so much living in the building. What's worse, they wouldn't let me out of my lease. It was the saddest living situation I ever had, and a very beautiful building.

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management confirmed there is currently an infestation on one apartment, and for the past 3 months that apartment and the one on each side continues to be treated without resolution. Each of the 3 towers in the building has had bedbugs in the past 6 months.

My husband was bitten by a bed bug. The next day we found one in our bed. Management was very responsive and sent a dog to confirm it within a few hours. Crew is coming today to treat our apt. 3/30/12

I subletted an apartment that ended up having bed bugs as detected by a bed bug sniffing dog on October 13, 2011.

Persistent bed bug problem in my very clean studio apartment despite repeated extermination.

I had an exterminator three times and still had these critters

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