225 W End Ave
New York, NY 10023-3660

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Apartment on the third floor has now been treated 3 times. In occupancy for 3 years, 1st incidence July, 2009. Everything was cleaned, washed, rooms were sprayed by First Rate Exterminators, the company chose by building management. Everything was fine until September, 2010. Multiple bites one night and found ONE bed bug. First Rate came back and cleared the apartment saying there wasn't any signs of bed bugs, etc, but sprayed and steamed just in case. NOW #3 Same room as #2 bites plus found a b

ed bug. Bites turned in to a seriously nasty skin infection. First Rate came and sprayed but didn't say anything. I know BBs are a problem in NY, but it should be a fixable problem and it's not getting fixed! Sigh

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