245 W 75th St
New York, NY 10023-1706

Found 4 reports:

March 9, 2010 new bed bug infestation on the 6th floor of 245 west 75th street NY 10023. There was an infestation recently there on the 5th floor.

It is true that they continue to rent apartments without informing the new tenants that there is a continual bed bug problem. Though it took several months of living in hell to exterminate the apartment, they do not compensate for anything and will hardly even listen to what you have to say about the situation. Extremely disappointed since everything else has been great.

As the Landlord, we have actually taken the best and most proactive steps to completely arradicate the building of these pests - sparing no expense. We take these matters quite seriously and our tenants, as our clients, know that. We can not control what others post or say - but the truth is what I say here - this is not an overnight process - access and cooperation are also required. our licensed exterminator, super and property manager all take this matter quite seriously. thank you.

At least 10 units in the building have been infested for the last few months. The landlord has refused to treat the whole building all at once and is denying that the building has bedbugs. He continues to rent out units to new tenants, some of whom end up losing their posessions and moving out.

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