973 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022-6303

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Infestation of bed bugs began in apartment 4 of 973 2nd Ave (located between 51-52 Streets) and moved down to other apartments in 973 2nd Ave in New York, NY around June 2008 and was still on-going in July 2008. DO NOT LIVE HERE because the exterminator attempted to eradicate the bed bug problem 4 times to no avail. The apartment construction is very poor and shoddy so there are so many crevices for the bed bugs to hide and dwell. The apartment building itself is poorly managed and quite dirty.

The apartments themselves were not kept well either and may only continue to be breeding ground for the bed bugs. It's sad that Buttercup Bakery is on the first floor. The other residents did not do their part in helping to eradicate the situation because they were too busy playing the blame game. The current residents of apartments 3 and 4, a male in his late 20's and a female in her 30's, are particularly difficult to deal with and are quite messy individuals who wouldn't follow the guidelines the exterminator gave us.

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