1075 1st Ave
New York, NY 10022-2201

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Live in the building and the elderly tenant in apartment 6D was the cause of our buildings ongoing infestation. He was a hoarder who wouldn't throw anything out and was also pulling items from the trash and street to collect. Our infestation spread to other buildings on our block. Management tried to help but nothing seemed to work. This apartment was like the main nest for the bed bugs. The tenant passed away and the renovation on his apartment has kicked up another bed bug infestation. Gettin

g out as soon as possible.

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I moved out in middle of May 2008 because earlier that month I learned that 8 units were infested with bed bugs and then, after a couple weeks of being on the lookout and careful inspection, I saw them in my apartment. It seems they came in through closets after another apartment was fumigated. Management was negligent in the sense that they new about the infestation in adjacent apartment and didn't inform me. Learned of this from a tenant. Horrible experience. Also, there are elderly tenants in

the building who don't care to get treated and take stuff from the trash (saw them ruffling through my plastic garbage bags). This made me believe this will be an ongoing issue in the building.

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